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With foot mycosis there is never a joke, because it is a disease that spreads quickly and is very easy to catch. That is why it is important for our health to react as soon as possible when we see suspicious symptoms and it is best to simply prevent them. How? Using a unique preparation for onychomycosis and foot, which contains only natural ingredients and which can be used with other antifungal agents. Fresh Fingers is a remedy confirmed in numerous studies, which many people who do not deal with this have trusted. Thanks to the unique composition of natural substances, Fresh Fingers works quickly, effectively and eliminates the core of the discomfort, not just their external symptoms. It is an antifungal preparation that is used by people all over the world, both in the form of treatment and as an effective preventive measure. This product has proven anti-microbial action, which is confirmed by the medical and laboratory tests that it has undergone during the preparation phase. It can be used without consulting a dermatologist and its natural ingredients very rarely cause an allergic reaction with complications. Before using the preparation for onychomycosis it is worth to carefully read its composition and check whether you are allergic to any of its natural ingredients (oils and extracts).

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I am a dermatologist who has been specializing in foot diseases for over fifteen years. In my career, I have seen a lot of mycosis diseases in both children and adults. Most of them could be easily prevented by following the basic rules of hygiene and using specialized preparations such as Fresh Fingers. It is a modern and reliable anti-onychomycosis agent, which I recommend to my patients and patients for many years. I trusted him because, unlike many other preparations, he does not have a gram of chemistry, but he is absolutely natural. It is the strength of these natural ingredients combined in the right proportions that allows such a rapid and reliable operation of this agent. From a dermatological point of view, the Fresh Fingers antifungal preparation looks very promising. It contains a large amount of honey extract, which is responsible for softening tissues and better absorption of active substances in the skin on the feet. It also has an immunostimulatory and antibacterial effect, which is important in a prophylactic context. In addition, in Fresh Fingers there are also substances such as klimbazol and farnezol, which have a strong antifungal activity and they are responsible for the fight against fungal cells. They also support the proper functioning of the skin sweat glands and prevent them from closing. An important element of the composition of this preparation for mycosis are also nutritious vitamins from the group B and vitamin E, which have a big impact on the immune system. The complement is the essential oils that give the preparation a pleasant fragrance. As an expert in the field of dermatology and cosmetology, I can recommend Fresh Fingers as an effective preparation against onychomycosis. It is an agent worth trusting and applying, allergy-safe and with a proven high rate of effectiveness.

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Dan 48 age


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I can recommend it because it worked for me and completely cured this ailment.

Lilly 36 age


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I would recommend it! I noticed the first symptoms of onychomycosis of my daughter when she started going to kindergarten. Thanks to the fact that I reacted quickly, we cured the fungal infection.

Nathalie 20 age


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Mycosis was contracted in a public pool and I fought with it for a long time. The Fresh Fingers helped me effectively.

Martin 52 age


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I used different ointments, sprays, and other preparations, but none of them worked as quickly as this one.

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- Honey extract

- Climbazole

- Essential oils